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Making The Perfect Cream Puffs and Eclairs

Did you know that there is such this as the perfect cream puff? How about the best eclair? If not, you don't need to panic because you'll never have to know a bad version of any of these. We're here to help you make sure that you're always going to be on the right side of your pastry baking adventures. Here is the perfect tutorial to help you get the choux of your dreams. As you may already know, both cream puffs and eclairs are creates from the same base pasty which is called Choux Pastry, and the filing is also the same. You'll learn how to make the proper choux pastry as well as the cream filling so that both parts of the treat will be perfected. From how to pipe your treats, to how to get the hollow interiors, your needs are going to be covered on all parts of these decadent treats. Create the right kind of welcome to your home that you need when you rely on these delicious desserts to lead everyone in. You'll be the star of your kitchen and you'll be impressed with how you get the perfect result each time that you make them.

by: Jimbo de Panadero


Language: English/Filipino
Difficulty: Beginner

1. Intro
2. Making the Pate de Choux
3. Piping the eclairs
4. Piping the cream puffs
5. Making the custard cream
6. Making the Caramel for cream puff topping
7. Filling the eclairs
8. Filling the cream puffs
9. Making the ganache for eclair topping

PHP 999.00


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