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Sharp Edge Basic Fondant

Getting the perfect fondant is critical to making sure that you can finish that dessert off just the way that you want it. However, relying on other free tutorials is only going to get you so far. You need to make sure that you get the real advice and tips that you're going to need for real life baking. Where do you look? Here, of course. Here, you'll learn how to make a moist chocolate cake that is absolutely to-die-for so that all of the neighbors will be heading to your place to try it out. You'll also learn how to properly crumb coat a cake with the finishing touches of ganache and marshmallow fondant. I mean, just reading that makes you want to rush into the kitchen and start baking, right? So, enjoy yourself by making sure that you put the proper time into learning how to do it right and you'll be on track to put together the proper dessert that is going to impress everyone for all of the right reasons. This fondant cake class is going to show you the techniques, the materials, the procedure, and what to do when you run into an issue. Whether you're looking to start a cake decorating business or just make cakes for family and friends, Basic Fondant Class will teach you all you need to know to turn out professionally decorated cakes.

by: Grace Gan


Language: English
Difficulty: Intermediate

Learn how to:
1. Use equipment, utensils, and tools that will be used for making fondant cakes.
2. Properly torte, fill and ganache a cake.
3. Cover round cake with clean, crease-free fondant.
4. Make marshmallow fondant from scratch that can withstand our humid weather.
5. Make the right proportion for filling and frosting of ganache.
6. Do basic painting.
7. Make smooth, no cracks, cute animal topper with modelling paste.
8. Have stable toppers and decorations.
9. Avoid cake catastrophes, ways to fix them and still keep your cake looking perfect.

PHP 1,500.00