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Timeless Cake Rolls

Cake Rolls has always been a staple in many bakeshops. Great for any occassion or even if there is none! Making one can be tricky but this class will teach you the fool proof method on how to make them. Get to learn not one but 5 amazing flavors together with a cake recipe you can use for other types of cakes and different types of icing to go along with them. Let Chef Jimbo share his knowledge which is jam packed into this class!

by: Jimbo de Panadero


Language: Filipino / English
Difficulty: Beginner

I. Making the Chiffon

  • a. Classic Vanilla cake roll
  • b. Ube Royale cake roll
  • c. Chocolate fudge cake roll
  • d. Coffee Caramel cake roll
  • e. Buko Pandan cake roll
II. Rolling Technique
III. Icing and filling
  • a. Vanilla whipped Cream iicing
  • b. Ube halaya filling
  • c. Ube whipped cream icing
  • d. Chocolate fudge icing
  • d. Coffee Caramel filling
  • e. Mocha buttercream icing
  • f. Buko Pandan buttercream icing

  • IV. Assembling the cake

    PHP 4,000.00


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