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Xiao Long Bao

If one is thinking what is better than siomai, look no further. Xiao Long Bao is a variation pork siomai with tasty broth inside. Think of it as siomai and a hearty soup in one. Chef Allan shares his knowledge in making this dim sum from scratch. Learn to make the wrapper, filling, broth and how to cook it. He will also share some tips and tricks including knowledge for those who wants to include this in their business.

by: Allan Mertola


Language: Filipino
Difficulty: Beginner

1. How to make the xiao long bao wrapper.
2. How to make the filling.
3. How to make the broth.
4. Proper filling and sealing technique.
5. Advice on costing, proper storage and shelf life.

PHP 1,500.00


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