Learning Starts at Home

Before we went to school, all of us started learning at home and our parents as our first teachers. We learned how to speak at our own pace. We learned how to walk by starting to crawl first and stumble, and albeit many times until we get the balance within the safety of our home. We aim to provide everyone with the material to learn at their own pace and within the comforts of home or anywhere one feels comfortable.

Our Mission

To provide affordable and convenient access to learning.

You want to upgrade your skills but find attending workshops to be costly and inconvenient? At The Bailiwick Academy, you can find affordable classes and learn at your own pace, at your most convenient time!de everyone with the material to learn at their own pace and within the comforts of home or anywhere one feels comfortable.

To help people achieve their full potential.

Life is a continuous learning experience. Do not just settle with the things you already know. Learn to explore! Who knows? You might be the next Michelangelo!

To help people turn their passion into profit.

Most people do not realize that they have an opportunity to earn on things they love doing. At The Bailiwick Academy, we are here to assist you by providing the tech tools needed to make that dream a reality.

To promote Filipino creativity.

There is a lot of talent coming from the Philippines. At The Bailiwick Academy, we're here to showcase your gifts and let the world know what we are really capable of.

Our Story

Hi I’m Grace and I’m a big believer in skills. But let me first with you my story and what it has to do with skills.. ​

First off, I’m no different from you. I grew up in Quezon City and used to move a lot since we didn’t own our own house. I’d consider myself as pretty okay in school but not really the straight A student. Plus I’m an introvert. I have a hard time starting a conversation.

Usually what happens is if you don’t start talking, I wouldn’t say a word. My shyness is probably because we moved a lot.

I remember living in the opposite end of Metro Manila (Cavite) in my brother’s house for a time when I was in college which was in Quezon City.
(yup, the commute was terrible)

Marie Grace B. Parazo
Owner, Founder
The Bailiwick Academy

Remember me telling you that I’m no different? I also worked in the BPO industry which 99.97% of Filipinos have also become part of. And this is where I met my future boyfriend now husband - Nico.

(very common love story right?)

We met in 2002 and got married in 2007 and soon gave birth to our first child. 2007 was also the time when I started thinking about resigning so I can take care of the my baby but I couldn’t.. Because I supported my mom’s health care through the health insurance provided by the company I worked for. And of course, my salary played an important part in the family income as well. So despite my wanting to resign, I stayed and looked for alternatives. And these is where I learned about the value of skills.

Read on and you’ll find out why.

My husband and I really wanted to have our own business. We both knew that we couldn’t rely on our jobs forever. This got me thinking “What is it that I’m really interested in and had the potential to become a business?”. My husband and I both shared a passion for - you guessed it - food! My favorite at that time was cheesecakes! And that’s how I discovered baking!

So just like any bootstrapped mommy, I watched hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and had countless attempts to make the perfect cheesecake. Now don’t get me wrong. My cheesecakes tasted really good! But they didn’t look the part. No one would dare taste them unless I showed them that it was safe for eating. 🙂

Now where was I?

Ah.. baking..

And together with these attempts were a lot of wasted ingredients and efforts.. That’s when I decided to attend paid courses by the known expert in baking - Heny Sison.

I knew deep inside that baking has a huge potential to become a business because even with the basic YouTube videos, people were starting to buy my products. And that’s why I saw these courses as investments.

True enough, in 1 year after I picked up baking as a skill, I got featured on national tv!



I started to invest more in myself and I attended more courses and became even better with my skill. This was the time where I also started to buy online courses about baking created by experts from abroad - mostly from the US.
Which meant premium prices at dollar rates.

And these courses could have been more awesome if:

1. All the ingredients they’d use were available here in the Philippines.
2. The cakes could handle our humidity - yup humidity can break your work of art. Been there done that. 🙂

From deciding back in 2007 that I wanted to focus on baking, I was able to quit my job in 2010 and turn my baking into a full time business. My cakes reached places as far as Batangas!

I now run Vidriado Cakes and Pastries which specializes in designer cakes and pastries that are delivered straight to your footsteps. 🙂 .

Going back to skills. I realized that there are a lot of people like me who wanted to quit their jobs and do something else that really interests them.

Two things that I noticed from attending a live workshop is people from far away provinces go to Manila just to learn or the instructor goes to different parts of the country, just to teach.

To make learning accessible and convenient for both students and instructors, I decided to create

And shameless plug, the courses found in the site are mostly created by Filipinos. Which means if you remember what you read earlier, all ingredients and resources are available in the country PLUS prices are super Pinoy Friendly. If you’re thinking of running your own business, my personal advice is to minimize the risks. Start your business on the side while you have a full time job. Don’t jump straight in without a real plan.

No. Please don’t.

Especially if you have obligations like a mommy to support or a family to feed. Running a business is hard. Don’t make it any harder. Instead, choose a skill that interests you, check if it has a market and then sharpen that skill. You will slowly gain traction and the best part, you won’t feel the pressure to make a huge profit right away.

Now do yourself a favor and learn a skill.

It’s never too late and who knows, that skill might just be the skill that will help you quit your 9-5.