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pan de coco

If you're ready to try your hand at the fancy side of life - dessert - wise - than you'll get the right start when you take a look at what you'll find with these tutorial lessons. This is your answer to your coconut desires so that you can create the right kind of dessert that is going to inspire you to take on even more challenges.

Learn to make your very own Pan to Coco so that you can make your merienda as sweet as possible without having to go and grab any from the shops. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that it was made by you, and it's going to taste so good that you may not even believe it at first. Wake yourself up to the new potential that you have in you to make delicious and familiar desserts without having a disaster in the kitchen.

This classic staple isn't going anywhere, and our tutorials are all simple and oriented to make sure that you know your way towards the goal and you will get there a lot faster and easier than you thought. So grab the coconut and brown sugar and get ready to introduce yourself to the best treat ever.

by: Jimbo de Panadero


Language: English
Difficulty: Beginner

1. Introduction
2. Ingredients for the dough.
3. Mixing the ingredients manually to form the dough.
4. Techniques in kneading the dough.
5. Ingredients for the coconut filling.
6. Mixing the ingredients for the filling.
7. Techniques in filling the dough.
8. Preparing the dough before baking.

PHP 750.00


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